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Jordan Tourism Board North America

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) was officially established in 1997 as a partnership between the private and public sector with the aim of creating and implementing marketing strategies to market Jordan's tourism potential worldwide. The strategies were laid out to portray Jordan's tourism potential and underline its importance as an ideal destination and business and conference hub. As part of its marketing plan, JTB designs and executes a comprehensive plan to advertise Jordan through representation, trade fairs, workshops, exhibitions, educational trips, as well as public relations and distribution of advertising material.

To achieve our objectives, the Jordan Tourism Board North America undertakes the following:

1- Invigorate and promote tourism, spread tourism awareness, and cooperate with the Ministry tourism and the sectors involved in the tourism profession.
2- Prepare tourist brochures, films, booklets and posters; produce, publish, distribute and sell all sorts of tourism promotion materials and publish magazine and professional tourist periodicals.
3- Prepare tourist marketing and statistical studies and research, either through direct financing or through aid from international and non-governmental organizations that are active in this field.
4- Propose projects and action relevant to improving and developing tourist sites in the Kingdom.
5- Participate in training and rehabilitating the workforce in the tourism sector.
6- Contribute to events and activities related to tourism, including tourist weeks and festivals, and participate in national, regional and international occasions and conferences.